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IP Camera solution is released.

IP Camera solution need very small memory. The maximum ROM size is 256KByte. The maximum RAM size is 2MByte

Fast response, very short delay. immediate operation on power(short boot time). video and audio transmition.

Document Download
2011 June 2nd

PC Viewer
2010 Aug 17th

Video and Audio Transmission
VGA size.
JPEG encoding.
ADPCM encoding.
If using addtional chip, 4 channel transmission is possible.
30 frame transmission per one second.

Fast Response
Very short delay (under 100ms on pc viewer in local network) .
No overhead of Viewer: due to JPEG format and no need buffering of streaming.

Immediate Operation On Power
Immeidate booting on power (normally 200ms software booting time).
Immediate transmission if network line is ready.

Robust on network traffic
Robust transmission on network traffic.
Robust on network packet drop.
UDP packet transmission.